Ashera cat | Facts & Information

# Ashera Cat | Facts & Information

Ashera Cat | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Ashera Cat


Origin: U. S. A.

Obtaining: Crossing

Weight: 6-11 kg

Colors: Leopard

Fur: short

Health: generally healthy

Chicken: 1-6 chickens

Average age: 12 – 14 years

Other names: Ashera cat


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Ashera Cat

Ashera Cat









Temperament: gentle, calm, friendly, sociable

Ashera is the rarest, largest and most expensive cat in the world.

The breed was created by crossing two exotic domestic cats: Savanah cat and Bengal cat in 2008 in lifestyle pets laboratories.

Most specimens can be found in America, Asia and Russia.

In ancient mythology Ashera was the name of a revered Mother Goddess. She is called the goddess of domestic cats today.

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Ashera Appearance

The Ashera cat may be about 15kg in weight and a metre long.

Ashera's cat has leopard-like fur. You may request the Ashera standard breed that resembles Savannah, the HG Ashera hypoallergenic breed, the Snow Ashera breed, and the Royal Ashera top breed.

About 50 royal Ashera cats are sold annually.

Ashera Behavior

The Ashera cat is famous for the elegance with which it walks on a leash and socializes children and other animals, such as dogs.

She is gentle, calm, has a quiet temper and is very friendly.

It is said that you can leave your children at home with Ashera, although many do not recommend this because the little ones can tease her and she can react unpleasantly.

Features Ashera

All Ashera cats are hypoallergenic, that is, they contain almost no substance to which people are allergic.

She is not picky about food, she can consume both home-cooked food and dry food or canned food from specialty stores.

The price of an Ashera cat in 2013 was over$ 20,000 and almost $ 30,000 if you wanted Ashera GD, a rarer species with lower allergens. In 2014 the price increased to $ 100,000.

Today it exceeds $ 125,000. Some collectors pay this amount for a copy of Ashera.

The details of the breeding of the Ashera cat breed are kept secret by Simon Brodie, owner of Lifestyle Pets.

According to wikipedia Lifestyle Pets also sold Savannah cats instead of Ashera. [1]

Anyone who wants to own an Ashera cat must wait 9-12 months.

Ashera Diseases

Ashera is a generally healthy cat breed.

Unlike other breeds of cats it has some advantages because it is not so sensitive and disposed to diseases.

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Ashera cat | Facts & InformationAshera Cat | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Ashera Cat