Brazilian mastiff | Facts & Information

# Brazilian Mastiff | Facts & Information

Brazilian Mastiff | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Brazilian Mastiff

Other names: Brazilian Mastiff, Brazilian Molosser, Cao de Fila, Fila Brasileiro dog

Origin: Brazil

Group: Security and protection

Weight: 40-50 kg kg

Height: males: 65-75 cm females: 60-70 cm

Colors: black, red, yellow, Brindle

Dressage: easy-medium

Care: easy to care for

Health: generally healthy

Chickens: 4 – 10 chickens

Average age: 9 – 11 years

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Brazilian Mastiff

Brazilian Mastiff









Temperament: docile, obedient, loyal, brave, aggressive


Fila Brasileiro, also known as the brazilian mastiff, is a massive dog characterized by a native protective instinct. Without proper socialization and training, some dogs can become aggressive.

Fila Brasileiro is one of two breeds of Brazilian origin, the other being represented by the brazilian Hound. Fila Brasileiro is believed to be one of the first dogs directly descended from Spanish and Portuguese mastiffs, with many believing that the English mastiff, bloodhound and bulldog were used in the development of the breed.

In the seventeenth century, Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors brought these impressive dogs with them to Brazil. In Brazil, dogs were perfected and were used to trace fugitive slaves and guard their owners ' property.

The breed has also been used for hunting Jaguars, even being nicknamed "Onceiro", the Jaguar Hunter. The word "fila" translates as" inhata " and refers to the dog's tendency to attack and not let go of the victim at any cost.

Finally, Fila Brasileiro was imported to the United States, but it is still considered a rare breed. Due to its aggressive native inclinations, the Fila Brasileiro has become a banned breed in several states and is not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Feeding Brazilian Mastiff

The brazilian Mastiff is a large breed of dog and its diet is almost a special one. This should be observed to avoid health problems.

Many owners make mistakes when choosing the diet of their dogs because they are more carnivorous than omnivorous.

It is a dog that is easily bloated so it is good to avoid foods that produce gas, such as broccoli or beans. A healthy diet for your dog is one based on beef, deer, pork, lamb, fish, chicken or Turkey.

These types of meat of choice in combination with yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, eggs, vegetables and fruits, is best for the animal to be fed two or three times a day.

Besides food, he also needs fresh water to which he must have unlimited access to quench his thirst.

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Appearance Brazilian Mastiff

Fila Brasileiro is a dog with a massive head, a broad and powerful muzzle and almond-shaped eyes, dark in color.

The body is muscular, and the tail is long and twisted at the tip. Its coat is short and smooth, vargata or in compact colors.

Fila Brasileiro has a height at the Withers of 65-75 cm and a body weight of 41-50 kg.

Some males can be even heavier.

Brazilian Mastiff Behavior

Fila Brasileiro is a dog with a strong, dominant personality and can be aggressive with strangers. Early socialization, since childhood, is absolutely necessary.

The dog should be handled by an experienced owner and not indicated to people who could not control it. The dog is endowed with an excellent sense of smell which makes it a formidable guard dog, which attacks and defends its territory without being educated in this regard.

Fila Brasileiro is a very intelligent and loyal dog to her family.

Brazilian Mastiff Training

Fila Brasileiro is an independent breed and easy to train. The dog requires firm but rational training and early socialization.

A well-bred and well-educated Fila Brasileiro dog, it is an affectionate and friendly giant.

Without training, Fila Brasileiro has the potential to be aggressive and pose a real danger.

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Features Brazilian Mastiff

Fila Brasileiro was a banned dog in many countries due to its aggressive nature.

An uneducated and unsocialized Fila Brasileiro can be difficult to control. Whether trained or not, Filei Brasileiro should not be allowed to roam unhindered and should be kept on a leash when taken out in public spaces.

Its short and thick fur does not require special care to keep it clean and shiny, a periodic brushing is sufficient.

Diseases Brazilian Mastiff

Gastric torsion (dilation) is a sudden life-threatening condition associated with filling the stomach with air and torsion.

Hip dysplasia is a malformation of the coxofemoral joint that results in pain, lameness and consequent arthritis.

The life expectancy of the brazilian Mastiff is 9-11 years.

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Brazilian mastiff | Facts & InformationBrazilian Mastiff | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Brazilian Mastiff