Breed of dogs kai ken | Facts & Information

# Breed of Dogs Kai Ken | Facts & Information

Breed of Dogs Kai Ken | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Breed of Dogs Kai Ken

Temperament: alert, agile, loyal, brave, intelligent

Origin: Japan

Group: Working

Weight: 14-18 kg

Height: 43 – 56 cm

Dressage: relatively easy

Care: needs daily exercise

Health: disease resistant

Chicken: 1-5 chickens

Average age: 14 – 16 years

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Breed Of Dogs Kai Ken

Breed of Dogs Kai Ken









Colors: gray-Brindle, red-Brindle, black-brindle

Other names: Kai Dog, Kai Ken dog, Kai Inu, Tora Inu, Tiger Dog

Origin Of Kai Ken

The breed of medium-sized dogs, bred for hundreds of years in Japan. They are found in large numbers in the town of KAI (Yamanashi Department) , a region surrounded by mountains.

They are also called Kai tora-ken, tora Inu or Tiger Dog. Due to its age it is one of the favorite breeds of dog breeders in Japan.

They are mainly pets but are occasionally used for hunting.

Kai Ken Food

Tora Inu, as it is also called, needs proper nutrition to lead a healthy life.

When it comes to food most owners choose food bought from stores and generally there were no health problems in this breed because over time it has adapted to the environment and different types of food.

If you opt for cooked food make sure that the animal receives in addition to the essential proteins found especially in meat, vitamins and minerals.

To quench their thirst and for a normal digestion it is good for Kai Ken to have fresh water available.

Foods that cause bloating and loose stools(cabbage, grapes, etc.) and so-called toxic ones (chocolate and similar products) are not recommended.

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Appearance Kai Ken

Medium sized dog , well proportioned with a strong body structure and well defined muscles.

Its characteristics as a dog of the mountains of Japan are strong extremities and well-defined joints. Fur can have one of the colors: black, tan or dark brown.

The one that covers his head is rough and straight, and the one that covers his body is soft and dense. The forehead is wide, the muzzle is strong, the teeth are sharp and very strong, the jaws are well embossed.

The eyes are relatively small, a little triangular, dark brown in color. The muscles are large and strong, the legs are short, the joints are sturdy and elastic. The movement is light and elastic.

Males are approximately 50cm and females 47cm. Both sexes can vary in height 5cm. Weight ranges from 10 to 26 kg.

Kai Ken Behavior

He has a vigilant and courageous temper. They are friendly and very attentive to their masters.

They are devoted , affectionate and loyal dogs.

Dressage Kai Ken

It is mandatory to be socialized and to be trained as a child.

Obedience training must be done with firmness and patience.

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Features Kai Ken

At birth, the puppies of this breed have only one color, which changes when they grow up.

It is not recommended for living in an apartment or in the city.

He lives best in a rural environment where he can run freely over long distances and where he can hunt.

Kai Ken Diseases

This breed is recognized for its high resistance to diseases and logevity in conditions of normal living.

There are no known hereditary or other diseases other than those that may arise for various reasons.

Kai Ken lives around 12-15 years.

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Breed of dogs kai ken | Facts & InformationBreed Of Dogs Kai Ken | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Breed Of Dogs Kai Ken