Chausie cat | Facts & Information

# Chausie Cat | Facts & Information

Chausie Cat | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Chausie Cat

Other names: Chausie Jungle Cat, Chausie cat

Origin: Egypt

Obtaining: Hybrid

Weight: 9-10 kg

Colors: black, gray, brown

Fur: short

Health: beware of food allergies

Chicken: 3 chickens

Average age: 12 – 16 years

Price:$ 1000 - $2000

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Chausie Cat

Chausie Cat









Temperament: intelligent, sociable, curious, energetic


The Chausie cat is a breed domesticated at the end of the last millennium. It is a loving and affectionate domestic cat with wild cat appearance, a hybrid between domestic and wild cat.

In the wild it lives in large territories in Central Asia, North Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Prefers swampy, hard-to-reach areas with bushes.

The name Chausie comes from the jungle cat Felis Chaus. Breeders want to breed the African jungle cat as best as possible. The first attempts to acquire domestic cats were made starting in the 1960s.

The breed we know today was finalized by some American breeders in the 1990s. In 1995 he obtained the new breed certification, in 2013 he obtained the TICA champion certificate, and is currently in the process of homologation at the world feline Federation.

It is also known as swamp Lynx, Reed cat, Jungle Curl, Stone Cougar or Mountain Cougar.

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Appearance Chausie

The Chausie cat is 45 cm tall and weighs 7-12 kg, almost twice the weight of a house cat. The body is large, the shoulders are wide, the ears are large and straight, and the tail is short.

The legs are long, the hind ones are slightly larger than the front ones. Maturity is reached at the age of 2-3 years.

The coat has golden, black or silver colors with black spots. Wild appearance has conquered many cat lovers and currently the number of lovers of this breed is growing. It is considered one of the most beautiful breeds of cats.

Chausie Behavior

The Chausie cat is an intelligent cat. Socialize well with pets. She is restless, curious and energetic. Recommended for those who spend a lot of time at home.

It is not recommended to be left alone in the house for long periods (12-16h) because it is bored. He rarely stays in the same place for long. He has a lot of energy to consume. Does not tolerate low temperatures.

It is said that lovers of the Chausie breed know that it is a special cat because of its special character. It's not an aggressive cat. It does not attack and must not scratch or bite under normal conditions.

He likes to use his hunting skills even when playing. They steal small toys that they "keep" in their favorite places.

Features Chausie

Being a larger cat than the average domestic cat, it stands out for its reaction speed and jump in height of almost two meters.

He likes water because in the wild he fishes in swampy areas. Short fur is easy to care for, a weekly brushing is enough.

It is not recommended as the first cat but on the contrary, it is a recommended cat for those with experience. Some specimens may be allergic to gluten.

They have quite sensitive digestive system. Prefer foods rich in protein. Meat-based food is recommended.

A Chausie cat is has a fairly high price, one specimen can reach 1000-2000 dollars.

Chausie Diseases

Chausie does not suffer from genetic diseases. The main problem is the sensitivity of the stomach. Watch your food. May develop allergies to macare from petshops.

Life expectancy is 12-16 years.

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Chausie cat | Facts & InformationChausie Cat | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Chausie Cat