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The Tiger (Panthera tigris) is a species of predatory mammals of the felid family, being one of the four species of the genus Panthera, representative of the subfamily of large felines. The word "tiger "comes from the Greek" tigris "which, in turn, derives from" Tigers", a word from ancient Persian, whose root" taig "means"fast".

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The tiger is the largest feline and one of the largest terrestrial Raptors (after the bear). 9 subspecies of the Tiger are recognized, of which by the beginning of the Twenty-First Century only six have been preserved-a total of 3,200 individuals;the most numerous is the Bengal tiger, whose population consists of approx. 1700 specimens.

In sec. twentieth century, the tiger species was listed in the IUCN Red Book and similar documents of some countries. currently, illegal hunting or capture of tigers is banned worldwide.

This subspecies, also known as the Amoy tiger, lives in Central and eastern China. It is considered to be the ancestor of all other tiger subspecies. The South China tiger is one of the least numerous tiger subspecies.

Due to illegal hunting, the South China tiger is in danger of disappearing completely as a subspecies. It is estimated that at most 20-30 Tigers of this subspecies live in freedom, which ranks first in the list of tiger subspecies in danger of extinction, and is part of the group of 10 animals in the world considered endangered.

Experts say that in ten years, if severe measures are not taken Amoz Tigers, as they are also called, will disappear.

It is even said that in the last 20 years no such Tiger has been seen in its natural habitat.

In 1977 the Chinese government passed a law banning the killing of tigers, but it was too late to save this subspecies. there are currently 59 such specimens in captivity in South China, the descendants of only 6 other specimens. Genetic diversity may not last long, causing the race to disappear entirely. However, efforts are being made to save the breed.

In addition, Chinese officials have announced that they will give a prize of 20,000 yuan to the one who will signal the presence of an Amoy Tiger. A Chinese farmer showed up with pictures of the famous Tiger. After collecting his money, the authorities discovered that everything was a fake, and the farmer, besides giving the money back, did 3 months in prison.

In November 2007, the first cub was born outside China, in a reserve in Africa. The "Save China Tigers" organization in collaboration with other environmental protection organizations in China have conducted a collaboration with the "Tigers of South Africa" organization to reintegrate Chinese Tigers into the natural environment.

The agreement was signed in 2002 and stipulated that a number of tigers of this rare species living in zoos in China be taken to a reserve in South Africa. There they will be taught to live in the wild, primarily to hunt, defend their territory.

Specialists hope that once adapted the Tigers will breed again and their numbers in the Wild will increase. When there are enough of them, they will be brought back to their places of origin, that is, to China.

Meanwhile in China a certain area has been declared a nature reserve, here the conditions are very close to the natural environment of life of Amoy Tigers, and the first Tigers have already been "repatriated" on the occasion of J. O.

Feeding The Chinese Tiger

They are purely carnivorous. They are also known as human eaters.

Features Chinese Tiger

Males reach an average of 2.50 meters from head to tail and weigh about 150 kilograms. The South China tiger has short and wide stripes, with larger spaces between them than the stripes on the fur of the Bengal or siberian tiger.

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Chinese tiger | Facts & InformationChinese Tiger | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Chinese Tiger