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# Duck with Ruff | Facts & Information

Duck with Ruff | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Duck with Ruff

The rufous duck (Netta Rufina ) is a diving duck that is specific to Southern and S-E Europe.

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Duck With Ruff

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In the rest of the continent it can be found sporadically and in small numbers. For example, in the UK there are only about 30 brooding pairs present in the south of the country.

In our country, the Ruff duck is found quite rarely, especially in the Danube Delta.

It is very difficult to observe and photograph due to the rarity of this species and the fact that they are very careful and cautious.

Feeding duck with Ruff

It is considered a diving duck that feeds on acavatic vegetation and various seeds and roots that it finds on the bottom of the water.

Features duck with ruffled

It is one of the most beautiful ducks that live with us. Early spring, during mating, the Ducks have a very attractive, unmistakable color.

The beak is bright red, the head brick with orange crest and the throat goiter, belly and tail black.

The back is brownish and the sides are white. The female has a general light tan coloration.

The identification sign of the females is the coloration of the head which is half Brown in the upper part and whitish in the lower part with a median line under the eyes.

Both male and female lose color intensity after mating.

The dimensions of the Ruffed duck are about 55 cm long, 85-90 cm wingspan and a weight of up to 1 kg.

Breeding duck with Ruff

It builds its nest in the rich vegetation in close proximity to the water, generally looking for places with lots of reeds.

The female lays 8-12 greenish-colored eggs in a single series, which she hatches alone.

The incubation period is 26-28 days.

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Duck with ruff | Facts & InformationDuck With Ruff | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Duck With Ruff