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Origin: Indonesia

Height: 115-125cm

Weight: 350-400kg

Colors: all colors

Used in: agriculture and light transport

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The Java pony breed originates from the Indonesian archipelago, more precisely, from the island of Java, where these horses exist in large numbers.

The Danes arrived on the island of Java, in the locality of Bantam, in the early seventeenth century, to settle in the general quarters of the Danish East India Company.

During this time, trade was very active, with specimens of the Arabian and Barb breeds being imported to the island of Java. Both breeds have influenced the local Java horse race, albeit not to a significant extent.

The pony inherited strength and heat resistance from Arabian horses and the extraordinary darzenia of Barb horses.

Java Layout

Java ponies have a relatively light body with a short neck. The average height is about 120cm. They come in a wide variety of colors. The robust breed is noted for its working capacity and endurance.

The native of the Indonesian islands is well adapted to the tropical climate. Java is a breed that is also distinguished by its long ears and expressive eyes.

The shoulders are strong and well pronounced, while the chest is broad. The legs are weakly formed but surprisingly strong.

Java Behavior

Java horses are much stronger than any other insular horse breeds except Batak and Sandalwood breeds.

The conformation of horses is not very good and has many deficiencies. These ponies, however, are very passionate and tireless.

They can be ridden, but are used, mainly in agriculture, to transport people and goods.

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Java | Facts & InformationJava | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Java