Kerry blue terrier | Facts & Information

# Kerry Blue Terrier | Facts & Information

Kerry Blue Terrier | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Kerry Blue Terrier

Other names: Irish Blue Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier dog

Origin: Ireland

Group: Terrier

Weight: 15-18 kg

Height: 44 – 51 cm

Dressage: easy to train

Care: easy to care for

Temperament: active, agile, loyal, loving

Health: generally healthy

Chickens: 5-8 chickens

Average age: 12 – 15 years

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Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier









Colors: blue-black, black, gray, silver, blue


Known as the Irish National Dog, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a fairly recent breed that is believed to have as its ancestor the Soft-Coated-Wheaten Terrier, a soft-fur terrier known for a long time in Ireland.

According to other opinions, Kerry Blue Terrier would descend from Gadahar, an Irish Shepherd, extinct today, crossed with various Terriers such as Bedlington, Dandie Dinmond and Irish.

Its name erroneously suggests that it originated in County Kerry, a mountainous area in southwestern Ireland, but it originated in Tipperary, where it was called The Irish Blue Terrier.

Although Irish breeders bred it since the end of the XVIII century, the fixation of the breed and its first presentation in exhibitions took place only in 1913, in order to later conquer the sympathy of English and French connoisseurs and become more and more known.

Feeding Kerry Blue Terrier

It is good to know that these beautiful dogs become possessive when it comes to food or toys.

Kerry Blue Terrier needs a diet based on nitrites similar to those his ancestors assimilated and a balanced combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Proper nutrition of your dog will save time(roads to veterinary offices) and money (medicines and possible operations).

If the food is quality and your dog is happy with it, you can see in his activity and how clean and neat the coat is.

Possible slippages in feeding a dog can be seen with a clear eye: the fur does not shine as it should, exemas appear, the dog shows discomfort, lack of energy, activity, etc.

Some breeders say that the Kerry Blue Terrier consumes meat of different types, fish, potatoes, carrots and cabbage without any problems. But beware that too much cabbage can lead to loose stools. To find the perfect diet for your dog, it's best to consult your veterinarian. The best meal is the one cooked at home.

Do not forget to give your dog fresh water at his discretion to drink when he is thirsty. Beware of toxic products like chocolate.

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Appearance Kerry Blue Terrier

Characteristic of Dogs of this breed are the Black color with gray-blue reflections and their gentle character, an atypical quality for a terrier.

The head is well proportioned and harmonious, dry and long; skull flat; stop slightly accentuated; jaws developed and strong; black truffle.

The eyes are medium or small, dark in color. The ears, V-shaped, medium or small, are worn bent forward. Kerry Terrier has short body and straight back line; deep chest; flat shoulders; straight forelimbs and strong bone. The posterior part is wide and well developed.

The tail is set up, shortened and worn straight. The hair is soft and silky, long and slightly wavy. The haircut of these dogs is very strict and is done so that their mustaches, beards and eyebrows are preserved very rich.

The average dimensions of an adult male are 46-48 cm. length and weight between 15 and 17 kilograms; females are somewhat smaller.

Behavior Kerry Blue Terrier

It is a robust, brave, Hardy dog and an excellent hunter. In Ireland, Kerry Blue is considered a good dog at everything-Shepherd, guard or hunting.

Perfectly adapted to city life, he is also a faithful, intelligent and cheerful companion dog.

Kerry Blue Terrier

This dog must be trained by an experienced, self-confident and firm person. The dog must learn who is the master, because he is quite stubborn.

Training must be consistent, varied, firm, made with certainty and experience.

It should not be tolerated to attack other dogs, although this feeling is innate. He likes exercises that require him physically and mentally, monotonous ones will make him react negatively.

He likes agility exercises, flyball.

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Features Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Terrier is generally a healthy dog, but there are some genetic diseases, specific to the breed, especially related to the eyes.

Thus, he may suffer from keratoconjunctivitis (lacrimal eyes), cataracts or entropion (turning inside of the eyelid, accompanied by irritation of the conjunctiva and cornea).

Puppies are born black, and from the age of 18 months they gradually receive a bluish tint, with or without black dots.

The most appreciated shades are: silver-gray, dark gray and steel blue; a small white spot on the chest is allowed. Defects are considered color deviations towards lilac, purple or red.

Diseases Kerry Blue Terrier

As I said at the Kerry Terrier is generally a healthy dog.

Thus, he may suffer from keratoconjunctivitis (lacrimal eyes), cataracts or entropion (turning inside of the eyelid, accompanied by irritation of the conjunctiva and cornea).

If you take care of him, he can live with you for an average of 12 to 15 years.

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Kerry blue terrier | Facts & InformationKerry Blue Terrier | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Kerry Blue Terrier