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The Little Duck (Anas crecca) is a migratory bird, considered the smallest duck in Europe.

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It is also called the dwarf duck or winter sarsel.

It is common in Northern Europe and Asia. It prefers wetlands, with ponds, lakes and swamps.

It is part of the order Anseriformes, family Anatidae.

Low Rate Feed

It is generally an omnivorous bird, it feeds on herbs, seeds, plants.

But they also consume larvae of aquatic insects, mollusks, worms, crustaceans, sometimes even amphibians or small fish.

Features Low Rate

Both the female and the male possess a mirror of bright green color.

The plumage of the male is varied, has shades of green, tan, gray and brown.

The chest area is mottled with black spots, at the eyes it has a green stripe and around the color is brown-reddish.

The forewings are grey and dark brown. The female has darker plumage. The legs are gray, the iris is brown, 8 mm.

The female is 33 cm long, and the male is larger, 36 cm. The wingspan is 70 cm, and the weight varies between 270-390 g. their flight is fast, irregular, with sharp turns.

On the field he's a pretty clumsy bird. It is very noisy, especially during the flight.

It can be bred by humans for ornamental pools, lakes and gardens. It is a protected bird by law, it is not hunted.

Reproduction Rate Small

The nest is made by the female. It looks for a hole in the ground, in an area camouflaged by plants.

The pit will be so large that it can fit its own body and will be lined with different plants, grass, leaves.

The female lays 7-12 greenish-yellow eggs, measuring 4.5 x 3.4 cm. The male takes very little part in raising the offspring.

Shortly after their eggs hatch, the chicks jump out of the nest and follow their mother.

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Low rate | Facts & InformationLow Rate | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Low Rate