Malinois shepherd | Facts & Information

# Malinois Shepherd | Facts & Information

Malinois Shepherd | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Malinois Shepherd

Temperament: intelligent, agile, energetic, dedicated

Origin: Belgium

Group: Shepherds

Weight: 25-34 kg

Height: 56-66 cm

Colors: bicolor, gray, black, brown

Dressage: firm, need socialization

Care: short and soft fur

Health: no health problems

Chicken: 5

Average age: 10 – 14 years

Other names: Malinois dog

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Malinois Shepherd

Malinois Shepherd

The Malinois Shepherd is one of the most appreciated and versatile working dog breeds in the world. Also known as the Belgian Malinois, this breed impresses with its intelligence, loyalty, and work ethic. It was originally bred for herding work, but today it is often used in various roles such as search and rescue dogs, police dogs, and military service dogs.

The origin of the Malinois Shepherd can be attributed to the Malines region in Belgium, from where its name also comes. It was developed in the 19th century through the crossbreeding of different shepherd breeds, especially the Belgian shepherd. This breed was favored by Belgian shepherds due to its remarkable abilities in working with sheep.

One of the distinctive aspects of the Malinois Shepherd is its athletic and powerful appearance. It also has a dense and slightly wavy coat, which provides protection in challenging working conditions. The predominant color of the coat is light brown, but there can also be other shades such as black or gray. Malinois also have a vigilant expression in their eyes and raised ears, which contribute to their alert and intelligent appearance.

The Malinois Shepherd is known for its intelligence and liveliness. It is a breed that is very receptive to training and easily understands commands and human indications. These dogs have an excellent learning ability and are often used to perform various tasks such as searching for and rescuing missing persons or detecting drugs and explosives.

In addition to being efficient working dogs, Malinois Shepherds are also very loyal and devoted to their owners. They are exceptional pets and form deep attachments to their family members. However, due to their high energy levels and need for mental and physical stimulation, they are not recommended for all types of owners. These dogs require a lot of exercise and training to maintain good mental and physical health.

Although the Malinois Shepherd is renowned for its qualities, it must be mentioned that it is not recommended for everyone. These dogs can feel frustrated and become destructive if they are not given enough opportunities to expend their energy. For this reason, they need to be raised in suitable environments where they are provided with constant mental and physical stimulation.

It is also important to mention the importance of early socialization for this breed. Malinois Shepherds need to be exposed to different environments and social situations from their early months of life to avoid developing anxiety or aggression towards strangers or other animals. Effective socialization can help them become calm and stable dogs in various contexts.

In conclusion, the Malinois Shepherd is a remarkable breed of working dogs, impressing with its intelligence, strength, and loyalty. With proper training and adequate stimulation, these dogs can be trusted partners in different fields of activity, including search and rescue dogs, police dogs, or military service dogs. If you are looking for a vigilant and active companion, Malinois Shepherds can be an excellent choice, although they require a high level of responsibility and commitment from the owner.










Features: holds the record in high jump: 2.8 m


The Malinois is one of four Belgian dog breeds (along with Tervuren, Groenendael and Laekenois). It was named after the town of Malines (Mechelen).

Amid the notable concerns existing in Europe in the mid-nineteenth century for the selection and promotion on a national basis of some dog breeds, belgian professor Adolphe Reul completed a study dedicated to identifying at least one dog breed with Belgian origins, to become representative and accepted in international canine competitions and exhibitions.

Malinois Food

When it comes to food, Malinois needs a high protein diet because it has high activity levels.

Unlike other breeds for which cabbage is little recommended or forbidden, in this case it is recommended with confidence, but without excess for several days.

The dog's health is seen in its coat and overall activity level.

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Malinois Appearance

Malinois can reach maturity at 56-66cm and 25 – 35kg.

The body is strong and well proportioned. Triangular ears are worn upwards. The muzzle is slightly tapered, and the nose is black.

The straight and strong limbs are parallel and the tail is long and bushy.

It is distinguished from other breeds by its length and coat color and is said to be superior in speed, agility and intelligence.

It is one of the breeds of dogs for which natural obstacles are not an obstacle. He has a high bounce and can easily carry himself.

They are preferred and used by police in several countries for their stable temperament, agility and quick decision-making ability.

Malinois Behavior

Malinois dogs are working dogs called by locals shepherd dogs. They are used in various activities of which the most common were supervision, guarding and management of domestic livestock herds.

Most specimens are affectionate and good-natured, but in the absence of socialization and training they can also be aggressive.

It is a dog with a dominant character that needs a firm owner with experience in dog breeding. It is not recommended for beginners, old people and people with low activity.

It is ok with children if they socialize and are trained. They don't tolerate pets. It is recommended to grow it in the yard, instead of the apartment. It is a very active dog and if it does not have enough space for movement it can become destructive when bored.

He loves long walks, walks in the park and cold climates.

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Features Malinois

It is a very active dog recognized for its ability to jump and carry on the vertical plane. He holds the long jump record of 2.8 m.

They say that after you hit the ball 100 times, wait for you to throw it the 101st time. It has an enviable energy and far surpasses duracell batteries.

It is recommended to brush twice a week to remove dead hairs and massage the skin.

Malinois Breeding

Malinois is a healthy breed of dog with few health problems.

However, they are susceptible to hip dysplasia – genetically inherited infirmity – so it is important that when buying a kitten, make sure that both parents have had their hips checked and have certificates with a good or excellent rating. In general, breeders will say about any ancestor or dam that it would be Ofa excellent or Ofa good (Ofa – orthopedic canine organization). If he does not present this certificate, ask what the cause is.

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Malinois shepherd | Facts & InformationMalinois Shepherd | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Malinois Shepherd