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Also known as: race ariegeoise De Merens, Merenguais. Merens ponies come from the Pyrenees area of Ariege, named after a village in these mountains near the border with Andorra. Paintings of horses strikingly similar to these ponies were found in the cave at Niaux.

Origin: France

Height: 145-155cm

Weight: 350-450kg

Colors: Black, Coffee color

Used for: riding and riding

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The Merens horse is a breed originating from the mountainous region of the Pyrenees, specifically from the southern part of France. This breed is known for its elegance and resilience, offering utility and enjoyment in both the equestrian and agricultural fields. In the following, we will explore the specific characteristics and traits of this exceptional animal and discover why it is highly valued throughout Europe.

One remarkable aspect of the Merens horse is its compact size and athletic stature. These horses have a medium height, with a withers height of approximately 1.42 - 1.55 meters, and a solid and strong build. This physical characteristic gives them considerable agility and speed, allowing them to easily adapt to various terrains.

In terms of its exterior appearance, the Merens horse stands out for its beauty and harmonious form. It has well-developed musculature, with fluid lines and harmonious proportions. The head is expressive and elegant, with large and intelligent eyes, while the ears are small and mobile, a sign of its attentiveness and curiosity. The coat is dense and long, usually with a solid black color, although some individuals may have white markings on their chest or hind leg.

The character of the Merens horse is remarkable, being a balanced and calm animal. It is a highly intelligent partner, quickly establishing a strong bond with its owner, showing trust and loyalty, and being extremely cooperative. These qualities make it an ideal choice for any type of activity, both in locomotion and during training and competitions.

The Merens horse is extremely resilient, adapted to the harsh and variable conditions of the mountain environment. By nature, it is a courageous, strong, and agile animal, ready to face various challenges. This resilience and agility make it suitable for activities such as mountain trekking, dressage, riding in rough terrain, or agricultural work.

Additionally, the Merens horse has a natural, wide and elastic gait, which facilitates safe and comfortable travel for both riders and the horse itself. This particularly pleasant gait makes Merens an ideal partner for long-lasting mountain trails and hikes in the natural environment.

Over time, the Merens horse has become increasingly popular in France and throughout Europe due to its exceptional qualities and versatility. Regardless of the discipline in which they are trained, these horses are recognized for their generosity and intelligence. They are appreciated in obstacle competitions, dressage, western riding, or any other activity that involves a close relationship between the rider and the horse.

In conclusion, the Merens horse represents a special breed with fascinating characteristics and traits. From its elegant appearance to its gentle and cooperative personality, the Merens animal is a reliable partner and loyal companion. Thanks to the resilience, agility, and well-developed senses of this horse, it proves to be an exceptional pet and working animal in agricultural or equestrian activities.










Being robust and economical, the Merens ponies were for a long time the Companions of the "Montagnol"(mountain farmers-a kind of moti of ours) and soldiers, especially with the armies of the count of Foix Gaston Phoebus in the Middle Ages, and later for Napoleon's Army during the campaign in Russia.

More recently, Merens horses have been used for field work, plowing and harvesting. His suppleness and his balance allow him to work easily and well on stony hills. For recreational activities he behaves as light and relaxed in harness as with rider in the back.

In Ariege, most breeders kept their horses outdoors all year round. The foals are fatted in the spring on the snow and there are no problems at all.

In June it is taken to the summer pastures to spend a few months there in total freedom. It is this freedom that gives the Merens the psychic balance for which they are so much recognized.

Specimens of this breed are almost identical, perhaps due to the isolation of this breed. Merens ponies are black in color with a few rare white spots.

Gentle and very solid in construction they do great with young riders but can easily carry an adult.

Merens horses are growing in popularity and are currently exported to Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Tunisia. In 1997, a SHERPA Association, which promotes this breed, presented a pair of such ponies to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who spent many vacations in the Ariege area.

While Merens ponies are increasingly popular and are bred and bred in other regions of France and other countries, a true Merens pony is one that runs freely in the high areas of the Pyrenees mountains as its ancestors did thousands of years ago.

Merens ponies resemble another ancient breed, Fell ponies, and the larger Friesian ponies. This breed of Pony is rare.

Appearance Merens

In appearance the breed is similar to Dales or Fell ponies.

The coat is black, but coffee-colored or reddish specimens can also be found.

Foals at birth may also have other close colors, but they also become black as they reach maturity. White spots are rare.

The height of the Merens horses is 145 to 155cm, the ideal is 149, and the weight of 350 to 500kg.

The head is small and the neck strong and short. The breed is resistant to diseases.

Merens Behavior

His calm behavior recommends him to use with children. In all these activities these little horses and blacks prove to be generous and devoted to their master, provided he was taught this as a child.

Like all ponies it has a strong character and a firm stance must be taken on the part of the man when he is put to work.

These ponies are very hardy and withstand very well even with low-quality feed. In addition, they are resistant to harsh environmental conditions.

The Ariegeois were originally used as "pack" horses, but they came to be useful for a wide variety of farm work, such as harrowing, ploughing and drilling on light slopes. These ponies are good for riding and riding.

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