Oak woodpecker | Facts & Information

# Oak woodpecker | Facts & Information

Oak woodpecker | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Oak woodpecker

The Oak woodpecker (Dendrocopos medius) or middle spotted woodpecker belongs to the genus Dendrocopos, order Piciformes. It is a bird specific to Central and South-Eastern Europe.

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Oak Woodpecker

Oak woodpecker










It can be found in deciduous forests with mature oaks and hornbeams. Although it is not present in a very large number of specimens it is spread over a large area.

Unlike other species it does not look for old trees, especially mature oaks. It is a sedentary bird. They rarely make long journeys. The scientific name tells us that it is a medium-sized woodpecker.

At the end of the last millennium the population of woodpeckers in our country was declining slightly. There are currently 150,000 to 300,000 pairs of Oak woodpeckers in Europe. Forest degradation and habitat destruction are the main threat to the species. In our country it is estimated a number of 20,000-25,000 pairs.

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Feeding the Oak Woodpecker

The Oak woodpecker feeds on larvae and insects that it searches for in the bark of trees. In the warm season it feeds on seeds and fruits.

Features oak Woodpecker

The Oak woodpecker is also called the medium mottled woodpecker because it is 15% smaller than the large mottled woodpecker and 40% larger than the small mottled woodpecker. It has a body length of about 20cm, wingspan of 35cm and weight of 50-90 grams.

The plumage is mostly black and white. It also has red feathers on the head and in the lower part of the abdomen and the codal part more erased reddish feathers. Unlike the other close species the Oak woodpecker has the fewest black feathers on the face.

The Oak woodpecker delineates its territory every spring. The female does not beat the darabana at all, and the male less than other species. This species is not one that beats darabana as much and not as strongly as other species.

They prefer to sing or manifest themselves with sounds like" chic "or" chec " in a jerky rhythm. During the nesting period, he makes an intense, slowed nasal cry:"meaic".

It's a lively bird.

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Reproduction Oak Woodpecker

During the breeding season males announce their presence through songs and various specific sounds. It is the male who digs the nest. The female comes and watches and decides when it is ready and good for nesting.

For the nest choose trees with a softer essence because it is easier to excavate. The entrance is round, large enough to fit the bird, 5-10cm, and the nest is excavated at heights between 5 and 20 meters. Every year a new Nest is built.

In May-June the female lays 4-7 albr, glossy eggs with the size of 24x19mm. Incubation lasts two weeks, during which the eggs are hatched by both parents.

At birth the chicks are dependent on their parents, they feed them for 22-24 days until they can fly. After the first flight they stay near their parents for another 7-10 days.

The longevity of Oak woodpeckers is 8 years. Life expectancy is assumed at 7 years.

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Oak woodpecker | Facts & InformationOak Woodpecker | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Oak Woodpecker