Pogoda snail (brotia pagodula) | Facts & Information

# Pogoda Snail (Brotia Pagodula) | Facts & Information

Pogoda Snail (Brotia Pagodula) | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Pogoda Snail (Brotia Pagodula)

It suits them in aquariums rich in oxygen with water movements. They prefer substrates with sand and stones on which to climb. It is important to consider the aquarium decor if you want a tenant like this snail. The aquarium should not contain plants or nets in which it could remain entwined with the "horns".

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Pogoda Snail (Brotia Pagodula)

Pogoda Snail (Brotia Pagodula)









Horned Armour Snail (Brotia Pagodula), which can be translated the Horned Armour snail, is an aquatic snail that belongs to the family Pachychilidae. It is native to Thailand.

It can be found under the names: Horned Armour Snail, Pagoda Snail or Porcupine Snail.

Food Brotia Pagodula

It can be fed with plant-based granules and flakes provided they sink, with boiled or raw vegetables.

Features Brotia Pagodula

He needs a well-planted Aquarium and with a fairly thick substrate. The aquarium must have a moderate current of water, very efficient filtration and oxygenation. Requires a sandy substrate and several stones from which will gather aufwuchs.

Despite their beauty, these snails are known to live in aquariums for only six months. They are very sought after by aquarists from all over the world and in Romania they are very rare. If not properly fed this snail will eat the plants in the aquarium. It is not an aggressive snail and will not attack fish or shrimp.

Reproduction Brotia Pagodula

Sexual dimorphism: they are non-hermaphrodites, having both males and females. Sexual dimorphism is not very obvious and to be sure that in our aquarium are both sexes it is recommended to purchase several specimens.

These snails do not lay eggs but give birth directly to live chicks.

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Pogoda snail (brotia pagodula) | Facts & InformationPogoda Snail (brotia Pagodula) | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Pogoda Snail (brotia Pagodula)