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# Rosella Parrot | Facts & Information

Rosella Parrot | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Rosella Parrot

Rosella is part of the group of Australian parrots, of the genus Platycercus, which means broad-tailed. In turn this genus is included in the family Parakeet (long tail).

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Rosella Parrot

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The rosella parrot is one of the most widespread species of parrots that have a wide tail. It is native to the S-E of Australia.

It lives in premontane forested areas at an altitude of 1200 m, but it is also present in the savanna area, even in the parks of megacities.

Prefer open places: at the edge of forests, coastal area, Savanna, pastures, near farmland or even parks inside cities. They are not found in the interior of the australian continent.

They are extremely active birds and love to fly, so they prefer as wide spaces as possible.

They live in pairs or in small groups. If the winter is hard, you can meet groups of over 100 individuals, obviously, in areas where they have plenty of food.

This parrot has been bred in European countries since 1870. It is prolific, reaches sexual maturity quickly and lasts for so long.

Feeding Parrot Rosella

In the wild, the rosella parrot eats mainly fruits and small insects.

As a pet, it needs a diverse diet that includes seeds as well as fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Broccoli, green beans and alfalfa are delights for a Rosella parrot, as are apples or carrots.

Eat millet and sunflower seeds, but for a more balanced diet, special seed mixtures for medium-sized parrots are recommended.

Features Parrot Rosella

Rosella parrot has wings with a length of 15.5 cm, fan feathers blue, tail 16 cm, feathers on the back are black outlined with yellow-green, abdomen is yellow, wings as well as the side feathers of the tail are blue and the rest of the tail feathers are colored in dark green.

The iris is dark brown, the beak is 1.6 cm long light grey and the legs are grey. The female of Rosella has on the head and chest a more faded red color, the plumage around the beak is in gray tones, and in the region of the eyes it has gray brown feathers.

On the inner surface of the wings the white stripe is visible. The Cubs resemble females, they have a green nape that turns colored at the age of one year.

Although it is quite widespread in captivity, the rosella parrot can be difficult to tame if it has not been taught to eat by hand as a child. It is not a talking parrot, but it can be an affectionate pet bird and loves to imitate some sounds, especially whistling.

The flight is fast, with sinuous trajectory. His voice is pleasant, with metallic chirping. The sounds made to announce the danger are acute and penetrating.

Rosella is an active, good flying parrot with a special temperament. He likes to bathe, gnaw fresh twigs, but compared to other birds he is not a friendly species, especially during brooding.

The genus Platycercus includes 8 species of Rosella, each with many other subspecies. The 8 species are:

- Crimson Rosella (also called the pennant parrot)

- Green Rosella (Green Rosella or Tasmanian Rosella)

– Yellow Rosella (yellow Rosella)

- Eastern Rosella (golden mantle Rosella)

- Adelaide Rosella

– Northern Rosella (Brown Rosella)

- Stanley Rosella

- Mealy Rosella

Breeding Parrot Rosella

For mating, parrots need more space. The recommended minimum is an avian with a height of 2 meters, a length of 2.3 m and a depth of 0.7 m.

The mating season begins in April and the male can become aggressive.

Females generally lay 5-7 eggs, which have an incubation period of 20-21 days, during which the female does not leave the nest and is fed by the male.

Rosella parrot chicks leave the nest after about 35 days after hatching and become independent after another 2 weeks.

The rosella parrot generally lives up to 20 years.

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Rosella parrot | Facts & InformationRosella Parrot | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Rosella Parrot