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# Sloughi | Facts & Information

Sloughi | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Sloughi

Temperament: Alert, faithful, intelligent, sensitive

Origin: North Africa

Group: Hunting

Weight: males: 22-28 kg females: 18-23 kg

Height: males: 66-72 cm females: 61-68 cm

Colors: black, cream, Brindle, Gray

Care: easy

Health: healthy and robust

Chickens: 4-8 chickens

Average age: 10 – 16 years

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Training: it is done with patience and perseverance


It comes from North Africa and is believed to be the descendant of the Egyptian Greyhound Aboker that existed in Egypt thousands of years ago.

It is the dog of the Berber population of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya, of the Bedouin who use it to hunt small and medium-sized animals.

Compared to other dogs that are regarded by Arabs as "impure", this dog is for them the most noble and precious animal, being loved and cared for with great care.

In Europe it entered only in the middle of the twentieth century, but it is not too widespread.

Sloughi Food

As with other greyhounds, the Arabian Greyhound is no exception. It does not require much food, but it must be nutritionally rich.

Healthy eating is important for greyhounds in general. Most owners and breeders know that they own a picky and picky dog.

It is not easy to determine the diet of a greyhound, but when you did this you got rid of an important problem. Like the rest of the animals, it is preferable to feed the animal 2-3 times a day instead of a large meal.

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Sloughi Appearance

It is a large dog, muscular, supple, elegant, vigorous, has a long head, flat skull, wider between the ears, slightly marked stop, long snout, conical, with a black or dark brown nose.

The eyes are Oval, medium in size and dark in color. The ears are triangular, slightly rounded at the tip, not too large, left near the head. It has a long and strong neck.

The tail is long, thin, tapered, arched at the tip, keeps it resting or raised in motion.

The coat has a short, soft, thick hair and can be sand-colored, reddish mixed with black and white, with or without a dark mask or white spots on the chest and fingertips.

Sloughi Behavior

It is a very physically Hardy dog, proud, independent, quite stubborn, energetic. He is affectionate and devoted to his master, but vigilant and distrustful of strangers.

If he is socialized from an early age with various people, anywhere, he accepts children, other dogs, even some household animals such as cats.

It is used to hunt small or large animals (gazelles, Wild Boars), to guard the home and as a pet. The coat of this dog does not require much care. An occasional brushing is sufficient.

Dressage Sloughi

The training of this dog should be done by an experienced person, with a lot of patience.

With consistent, firm training, without being rough and by creating a respectful bond between the dog and the trainer, you can achieve quite good results.

The dog must be trained constantly but without harsh commands, to achieve good results must create a bond based on friendship and respect between the dog and the master.

This dog is recommended as a companion dog and guard dog especially for people with experience in dog breeding and who are very active.

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Features Sloughi

It is recommended to be kept at home, where to move freely in a fenced yard, he is in great need of physical movement.

It is not recommended to be left free in public spaces, because it has an innate tendency to run after different moving animals, so it must be trained as a child, to be taught to socialize with other dogs and with various people.

Sloughi Diseases

Sloughi is largely unchanged from what it was in ancient times, and thus retains a robust genetic health.

Only a few genetic conditions have been observed in this breed, in particular, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

Fortunately Sloughi is one of the breeds in which this condition can be tested with a blood sample, and after the test workers try to remove PRA from the gene pool.

Like all greyhounds, Sloughi is very sensitive to anesthesia, and can be sensitive to vaccines, heating, and other medications, so these routine treatments should be given separately with a break instead of being given all at once.

If all steps are respected, the breed tends to enjoy excellent health in old age.

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Sloughi | Facts & InformationSloughi | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Sloughi