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# Steppe eagle | Facts & Information

Steppe eagle | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Steppe eagle

The steppe eagle belongs to the family Accipitridae. It is a raptor that can be found from eastern Romania to southern Russia and Central Asia to Mongolia. Birds that live in Europe and Asia spend the winter in Africa, and birds from the East in India.

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Steppe Eagle

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The steppe eagle is a migratory bird that travels long trans-equatorial distances. There are some indications that adults overwinter in North Africa, and subadults go to southern parts of Africa.In one day, 29,000 steppe eagles were counted passing over the village of Eiliat (Israel). There were also higher figures, less than 100,000 individuals, but gathered over several days.

In 2001 there were 1,000,000 individuals. I don't know exactly how many specimens today(in 2010 there were around 10,000 specimens worldwide), but like most species in the animal world, it is declining mainly due to environmental destruction.

Even if it is not yet on the list of endangered species, the steppe eagle environment must be protected.

Steppe Eagle feed

The steppe eagle feeds mainly on small animals, birds and reptiles. This species attacks prey when it is on the ground.

Sometimes it lurks near burrows or nests. The winter diet of the steppe eagle also includes insects.

Besides the prey it feeds on fresh dead (Carrion) of any kind. If he thinks he may steal or at least try to steal the food of other raptors.

Like other raptors, it has an area that allows it to hold food in its throat for up to several hours before it reaches its stomach.

Features Steppe Eagle

It has a length of 62 to 81 cm and a wingspan of 1.65 to 2.15 m. females weigh 2.3 – 5kg, they are much larger than males weighing 2 – 3.5 kg.

The steppe eagle is a large bird with a blackish tail and wing tips. Puppies that have not yet reached maturity have a more faded color.

The largest number of Eagles can be seen during migration in Nepal in October and November.

Steppe eagle breeding

The breeding season varies depending on the area from April to august.

The bird builds a nest of sticks and twigs lined with debris and fluff located somewhere high on a flat area.

The Nest has a diameter of 0.8 – 1m.

In the nest appear in turn 1-4 eggs, the average is two eggs.

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Steppe eagle | Facts & InformationSteppe Eagle | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Steppe Eagle