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The dog | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About The dog

Not everyone can and is able to take care of a dog. Taking care of a dog is more about feeding it and getting it out to need it.

Service life: 10 – 15 years

Where he lives: across the globe

Diet: Carnivorous

Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris

How does the dog:

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The Dog

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Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris), or more precisely the ancestors of today's dogs, were tamed about 15,000 years ago. The domestication of the dog is beneficial for both, first of all for the man because it protects and keeps them ugly and for the animal because it has a shelter, is fed, cared for, etc.

If you don't pay attention to his needs, he gets sick sooner or later and dies, and he struggles. Having a dog means being able to raise and take care of him all his life.

Many say that having a dog is like having a child and in some ways they are right. You have to feed him, wash him, learn some rules to be able to communicate with him, be attentive to his needs, etc.

Dog Food

Depending on size, breed and metabolism the dog will eat more or less. The dog is not a big animal so it won't eat much.

The food you give your dog should be balanced and as diverse as possible. This is important, but it is not a problem for those who offer the animal cooked food. They will not eat the same food for more than 2-3 days, so neither will the dog.

Fortunately there are few cases of those who have a breed dog that feed him only one type of food. It's like they've only been eating cabbage for 15 years. The body, whether human or animal, needs many vitamins that it takes from different types of food.

When it comes to food, it is good to have a list at first of what the dog is not allowed to eat. Cabbage and corn in large quantities spoil the stomach (correctly it was spoil the stomach, but the expression is to "spoil the stomach").

Dogs are not allowed chocolate, it is toxic to them. Everyone says they don't give the dog chocolate and actually give it a square or two. It's worse than giving him a whole one. It's like drinking cyanide, and instead of drinking a jar you take a teaspoon every now and then. It's worse than that. After he wonders why the dog gets various diseases and why he dies before the time that he "cared" him well.

Just like Man, the dog needs and must be provided with fresh water at its discretion. With the exception of the hunting dog, almost all house dogs have become accustomed to hunting and receive food from humans.

Appearance Dog

The dog is a quadruped animal, that is, it has four legs, larger or smaller, which bark. He has much more developed senses than man: he sees, smells, hears and feels much better than a man. The dog is covered in fur.

The coat can be short or long, soft or wiry, can have one or two layers. Mountain dogs have long, two-layered fur to keep them warm in cold temperatures.

It can have almost any color, some even have several colors. The weight ranges from almost one kg (the famous Chihuahua pocket dogs) to 70kg or more (e.g. the mioritic shepherd dog). Limbs end with paws provided with claws.

The milk dentition is joined to the definitive one, consisting of incisors necessary for catching prey, canines and molars necessary for cutting and gnawing food. A dog's age can be determined by teething.

The 4 Romanian dog breeds are: mioritic Shepherd, Raven Shepherd, bucovina Shepherd and Carpathian Shepherd. (many do not know) the most popular is the mioritic Shepherd.

Dog Features

A happy dog can be seen from a post office. The first thing you see in a dog is its fur and mood. If he is happy and has a clean, neat coat, it means that he is a healthy dog.

If you stay in the apartment should be taken out 2-3 times a day at least 1-2H for movement and to do their needs. Dogs sitting in the yard do not have such problems.

Dogs are divided into several categories. They are hunting dogs, guard dogs, companion dogs, shepherd dogs, the old days they were also fighting dogs, they were bred and trained to make money.

Dalmatian dogs and cocky spaniel are especially playful and fond of children. Dogs are renowned for their ability to learn and for their discipline. For this reason, dogs trained specifically for blind driving may be asked.

Dog Breeding

Through breeding were created breeds of dogs by descendants from the same breed, which are purebred dogs and, otherwise, mongrels.

The female, the bitch, is a caring and loving mother.

She breastfeeds her young for several months. In addition to profitable and helpful breeds for humans, specimens kept for pleasure receive increasing importance.

Each female can give birth to 2-12 Cubs. They are born with closed eyes and closed ears.

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