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# The Golden Tiger | Facts & Information

The Golden Tiger | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About The Golden Tiger

The Golden Tiger is less common than the White Tiger. The change in coat color is caused by a recessive gene. The first evidence of the existence of such Tigers dates back to the early twentieth century. Initially, it was believed that this type of Coloring appeared in a small group of tigers that populated regions with clay soils, and the unusual color would serve as an additional camouflage.

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The Golden Tiger

The Golden Tiger










The theory remains undemonstrated. The imbriding of an isolated group could cause the appearance of such a color if a tiger with the recessive gene were to mate with one of its own offspring, as happens in captivity.

There are currently about 30 of them in captivity. Like white tigers, Golden Tigers have Bengal roots, but their genetic material has been polluted by genes from the siberian white tiger named Tony, the ancestor of white tigers in most North American zoos.

The assumption that Golden Tigers are the result of the mating of Bengal Tigers with Siberian tigers is erroneous. It can also be found with denials: golden tiger, golden tabby tiger or strawberry tiger.

Feeding The Golden Tiger

In the wild tigers feed mainly on hooves.

Tigers in zoos are also fed meat.

The tiger is a carnivorous and even omnivorous animal.

It hunts by two methods: running for short distances by high jumps and staying on the prowl.

Features Golden Tiger

The fur on the belly is white, and on the back golden with stripes.

Breeding The Golden Tiger

At birth, puppies have a maximum of 1.5 kg and a fur that sheds after a few months. The father of the offspring generally does not take part in raising them.

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The golden tiger | Facts & InformationThe Golden Tiger | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About The Golden Tiger