The ice bird | Facts & Information

# The ice bird | Facts & Information

The ice bird | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About The ice bird

I will tell you clearly and loudly from the beginning that the scientific name of the bird is associated to two names, namely: "Blue pascaras" and "ice bird".

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The Ice Bird

The ice bird










I personally chose the name "ice bird" for the simple reason that it is more popular.

The ice bird (Alcedo atthis) lives in Europe, northern Africa, southern Asia and several islands in the Pacific Ocean. We find it near slowly flowing waters not very deep and in which many small fish live.

It is on the verge of extinction due to environmental pollution and destruction of natural habitat, which is why in some countries of the European Union it is protected by law.

It can also be found on the territory of our country near the waters. In international literature you can also find it as Common Kingfisher – blue Pascaras.

Feeding the ice bird

It feeds on marine animals in general: small fish, crayfish, frogs, Bream, tadpoles and insects.

An important feature of this bird is that it has developed a taste for fish and marine animals. Although she can't swim, she fishes for food, spending most of her time in shallow waters.

She finds a spot near the water where she sits and watches the fish, but usually prefers to hover very close to the water level and throws her beak forward to catch food. To get out of the water quickly flapping its wings.

Features ice bird

It measures between 15 and 18cm, has a wingspan of 25cm and weighs around 40 grams. The plumage coloration is extraordinary, the body green-blue with the underside reddish brick.

Another oddity of the ice bird is that it does not build a nest like other birds, but digs with its beak a gallery in the high banks near the waters.

Breeding the ice bird

They nest in galleries dug in steep banks above the waters, so they are safe from predators, galleries that they dig themselves. The female lays eggs once or twice a year between June and September.

After mating results between 4 and 7 white eggs, which both partners Hatch. Chicks hatch after 20 days.

The ice bird lives about 2 years.

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The ice bird | Facts & InformationThe Ice Bird | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About The Ice Bird