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The rooster is the male of the hen.

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The Rooster

The Rooster

The Rooster (Gallus gallus domesticus) is a domestic species of bird that belongs to the Phasianidae family. This bird, native to Asia, has been raised and domesticated since ancient times, becoming one of the most widespread and well-known domestic bird species in the world. The rooster is primarily appreciated for its meat and eggs, but also for its cultural and ceremonial role.

Morphologically, the rooster is a medium-sized bird, with a body length of approximately 60-75 cm and a weight that varies between 2-5 kg, depending on the breed and sex. Males are larger than females and are characterized by their colorful plumage and prominent combs. There is a wide variety of rooster breeds, each with specific characteristics regarding their plumage and body shape. Among the most popular rooster breeds are Brahma, Orpington, Plymouth Rock, and Cochinchina.

The rooster is an omnivorous bird and feeds on a variety of foods, including seeds, plants, insects, invertebrates, and small rodents. Despite having wings, the rooster cannot fly long distances, instead having the ability to roam and climb trees to search for food. This ancestral instinct for perching still persists in today's domesticated roosters, even though it is rarely put into practice.

Among the most obvious characteristics of the rooster is its active growth, mainly done by males, known as roosters, who display competitive behavior to win the right to reproduce with females. This competition is often accompanied by the distinctive song of the rooster, known as cock-a-doodle-doo. The song of this animal can be heard from considerable distances and is used both to attract females and to announce the presence of a rival in their territory.

Regardless of the breed, the rooster has a deep cultural value in many human societies. Many people consider the rooster to be a symbol of fertility, power, and courage. In some cultures, cockfights are organized and promoted to demonstrate the fighters' qualities. These events are often accompanied by rituals and ceremonies that mark the symbolic sphere in which they take place. Additionally, the rooster plays an important role in various festivals and celebrations, where it is often admired for its beauty and virtues.

In conclusion, the rooster is a domestic bird species that is appreciated worldwide for its meat and eggs, as well as its cultural and symbolic value. With a wide variety of breeds and specific characteristics, the rooster continues to fascinate people and play an important role in various aspects of human life. It is an easy bird to maintain and raise, which explains its increased popularity among farmers and bird enthusiasts.










It belongs to the genus Galus galus domesticus.


Like the chicken, the rooster is not a demanding bird to eat. They usually eat leftovers from the kitchen (cabbage stalks, tomatoes, apples, etc.).

They also feed on bread, bran, corn, wheat, grass, lettuce, and more.


The rooster is usually larger than the hen. It has a sharp beak and can be recognized by its colorful plumage, crest, more pronounced red chin or larger tail.

The rooster is a polygamous male and has a strong instinct to defend the females in his group, especially when they hatch eggs. Aggressive specimens have been used in cockfighting over time.

The rooster is a bird that is used to singing early in the morning.

There are several breeds of roosters, some of them are Ohiki, Totenko, Kurokashiwa, and others.


The rooster and the hen reproduce by eggs. The hen is the one who hatches the eggs and takes care of the chickens.

After about 21 days more fluffy chickens emerge from the eggs.

For more details on breeding see the post about the hen.

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The rooster | Facts & InformationThe Rooster | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About The Rooster