Tiger snail (nerita natalensis) | Facts & Information

# Tiger snail (Nerita Natalensis) | Facts & Information

Tiger snail (Nerita Natalensis) | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Tiger snail (Nerita Natalensis)

It can be found in foreign literature under the following names: Zebra Nerite Snail, Tiger Nerite Snail or Batik Nerite Snail.

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Tiger Snail (Nerita Natalensis)

Tiger snail (Nerita Natalensis)









The Tiger snail (Nerita Natalensis) is native to Africa. It is a freshwater snail that has little claim when it comes to breeding.


As it moves it scrapes away the algae deposited on the surfaces and leaves of plants, but no cases have been reported in which it encroaches on healthy plants. It Feeds exclusively vegetatively, and if the algae is missing you can feed it with boiled vegetables such as cucumber, zucchini, lettuce or spinach or algae tablets.


They can be kept in planted aquariums where there are algae. If kept in poor aquariums they can starve. It is recommended that the aquarium have a lid because they can easily get out of the water and leave the aquarium.

Neritina is a peaceful snail that is not aggressive towards other snails, but large predatory fish can hurt it. It is very sensitive to water quality, so do not think about placing it in an unstable aquarium, or with parameters unsuitable for its needs. Prefer a water with a neutral pH and hardness of 7.8 dH. If mineral salts are missing from the water the neritin Shell will grow with deficiencies in the form of small holes.


Sexual dimorphism: sexual dimorphism is present but the sexes are impossible to determine from the point of view of appearance.

The female will spawn but the Young will not survive because they need brackish water to survive in the early stages of life. The eggs are very well glued to the surfaces and can be difficult to remove, this being one of the few problems reported in relation to this snail.

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Tiger snail (nerita natalensis) | Facts & InformationTiger Snail (nerita Natalensis) | Discover Fascinating Facts and Information About Tiger Snail (nerita Natalensis)